What kind of sign should I use?

There are a lot of different ways to display your company signage



This is durable and able to withstand all weather conditions. This material is most used on traffic signs, business signs, parking signs, & more


this is more used as a cheaper temporary alternative signage needs. We've done campaign signs, sale signs, directional signs & more.


We have a variety of different vinyl options. It can be used on vehicles, walls, windows and can be a permanent or temporary solution

  • Regular - can come in any colour, the vinyl is white and we can print the colour onto it. Even add a bit of metallic ink to make it pop. We also have a variety of  MACTAC solid vinyl colours which have more of a permanent adhesion.
  • Wall Vinyl/fabric - Unlike most vinyls, the Roland Wall Flair line allows you to remove the decal without damaging the paint or drywall. (As long as it's taken off properly)
    You can do cut out letters, or create your own wall paper and cover your entire wall.
  • Frosted glass - This vinyl looks great on windows, it give the effect of etched glass without having to cut into the glass. It's also printable so we can add colour to the vinyl and give it a stained glass look.
  • Perforated vinyl - This material has many little holes in it which allow light to still enter. From the outside the viewer sees only the graphic that you have printed on it, but from the inside you're still able to see through the window as if nothing was there.


Sandwich boards

You mostly see realtors use these for their open houses. They work great outside your shop on the sidewalk for pedestrian traffic.

Clip frames

These come in 4 sizes. Once attached at your establishment you can change the poster on the inside as frequently as you like. the frames give the poster a more professional look.


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