About Us!

We Make Stuff Up!

Hi I’m Rai Komarnisky!

Born and raised in Fort McMurray, I started in graphic design in 2010, and in 2012 I quite literally got thrown in to the print design world.Rai Komarnisky

A company I steadily did graphic work for, seen the value in investing in a Roland Versa CAMM 540 printer into my company to help me expand my business. After a few hiccups, trial and errors, I’ve been able to make my digital creations come to life.

In 2015 we established our first brick and mortar shop, and started carrying various brands from small local etsy businesses to more commercial brands like kikkerland and poopourri.

In addition to our designs, we are a print shop. We create signage, banners and publications for businesses, but we also do custom work for individuals wanting to put their favourite pictures on canvas or who need wedding invitations.